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· madCodeHook 4.0.4


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· madCollection.exe


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 standard support licenses 

purchase no. of developers source code price*
Single Developer 1 per license no € 399
Company unlimited no € 999
Company Source **  unlimited yes € 1999
subscription renewal price*
any license 30% of a new license
upgrade from v3.x to v4.0 price* subscription
license age 1 month free 1 year
license age 2 months free 11 months
license age 3 months free 10 months
license age 4 months free 9 months
license age 5 months free 8 months
license age 6 months free 7 months
license age 7 months 15% of a new license 1 year
license age 8 months 20% of a new license 1 year
license age 9 months 25% of a new license 1 year
license age 10 months 30% of a new license 1 year
license age 11 months 35% of a new license 1 year
license age 12 months 40% of a new license 1 year
age up to 2 years 50% of a new license 1 year
older than 2 years 60% of a new license 1 year

· CAUTION: you need to have a code signing certificate capable of signing drivers

· there are no runtime/shipping fees
· a new license includes one full year of subscription
· extending subscription for 1 year costs 30% of a new license
· upgrades from an older non-subscription license cost up to 60% of a new license
· if you want to reactivate a non-extended subscription, please contact me for a quote
· subscription includes all minor and major software upgrades
· subscription includes support via forum and email
· support reply time is not guaranteed, but should usually be less than 72 hours
· I reserve the right to refuse to sell licenses, if I'm not feeling safe

The license agreement is available here.

Please contact me if you want to buy a new license, or upgrade or renew your current license. Thank you!

*) If you're a private person living anywhere in the EU, or if you're a german company, you have to pay 19% VAT in addition to the mentioned price.
**) madCodeHook source code is available in Delphi and C++.

 priority support upgrade 

priority support for 1 year price*
priority support € 399 per year

· should be ordered together with the yearly subscription renewal (or with a new license)
· support reply time is guaranteed to be less than 48 hours, should usually be less than 24 hours
· your emails will automatically be highlighted by the email system and answered with highest priority
· guaranteed reply time does not apply to weekends and company vacation (max 6 weeks a year)